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Re: [Xen-API] cannot log in vm in xcp master

On 13/09/11 09:18, claytonly wrote:
> I got a problem when I tried to log in vm(Ubuntu 10.04) created by xcp1.5 .
> When I start a vm in ostmaster in pool), the console didn't output login
> screen, keyboad input is ok, but nothing responses. But start vm in
> another hosts which is not master, everything is ok. Why?
> I setup xcp on ubuntu server 12.04 64-bit. VM is ubuntu 10.04 32-bit.
> Many thanks!

So you're using the xapi toolstack on an Ubuntu 12.04 amd64 dom0? I've
noticed that sometimes the vncterm consoles are flaky, and I'm not sure
why. You can use 'xe console uuid=<vm uuid>' to access the serial
console of a PV guest. Perhaps this will help.


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