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Re: [Xen-API] xcp-xapi + Debian wheezy

ok network.conf and xcp-networkd.log are at http://pastebin.com/0WYjg3hC
and xcp-xapi is too big for it.
i'attach it to this email.

thanks you

2012/9/17 Mike McClurg <mike.mcclurg@xxxxxxxxxx>
On 17/09/12 15:29, Tayeb wrote:
> Hi
> please help me, i have installed wheezy in a desktop with an AMD X2
> 3800+ for install a xcp-xapi.
> i do it with /usr/shar/doc/xcp-xapi/README.debian , and during th reboot
> it stop to "..xcp-networkd startup .."

You'll need to give more information than that. Can you attach the files
/etc/xcp/network.conf, /var/log/xcp-networkd.log, and
/var/log/xcp-xapi.log (a link to a pastebin would be best). Were there
any relevant messages on the screen?


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