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Re: [Xen-API] ocaml bindings to xenapi

Anil wrote:
> Hi, we'd like to use the OCaml bindings to the XAPI XML-RPC layer in a
> research project.  Is there any way to get these separately of XAPI
> itself?
> We just need a simple client library (analogous to XenAPI.py) rather
> than the whole lot.  I can rip the bindings out of XAPI if there's no
> other solution...

I think you're in luck! Jon (cc:d) has started the process of extracting
the bindings from the main repo.


It's a start :-) but it needs a bit of a tidy up. We need to ruthlessly
rip out any server-related code which may have accidentally been copied

Jon has already functorised it so it should work with Lwt, Async and
regular threads.

Looking at it I don't think Jon's included the actual code generator (yet)
but that's clearly one of the next steps.

So I reckon we need to:
1. oasis it up
2. add some test cases (using either lwt or async?)
3. add an interesting example (could use the xen-api/ocaml/graph one?)
4. declare version 0.1 and add to opam
5. bask in the awesomeness of utop with tab-completion + xen-api

What do you think?

BTW this version of the bindings targets the xapi in the master branch,
but for basic stuff there should be no problem talking to older releases.


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