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Re: [Xen-API] ocaml bindings to xenapi

On 20 Sep 2012, at 10:12, Dave Scott <Dave.Scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Anil wrote:
>> Hi, we'd like to use the OCaml bindings to the XAPI XML-RPC layer in a
>> research project.  Is there any way to get these separately of XAPI
>> itself?
>> We just need a simple client library (analogous to XenAPI.py) rather
>> than the whole lot.  I can rip the bindings out of XAPI if there's no
>> other solution...
> I think you're in luck! Jon (cc:d) has started the process of extracting
> the bindings from the main repo.
> https://github.com/jonludlam/xen-api-client
> It's a start :-) but it needs a bit of a tidy up. We need to ruthlessly
> rip out any server-related code which may have accidentally been copied
> across.
> Jon has already functorised it so it should work with Lwt, Async and
> regular threads.

Awesome! I've started OASIS'ing it up in my fork:

I haven't quite figured out the runes to run it optionally through pa_js
yet, but need to do that anyway.

Looks like doing a Cohttp_lwt_unix version should be very straightforward,
but I need a XAPI box to try it on.  I guess a Fusion installation is the way
to go here, unless there is a fakeserver that still works?

> Looking at it I don't think Jon's included the actual code generator (yet)
> but that's clearly one of the next steps.
> So I reckon we need to:
> 1. oasis it up
> 2. add some test cases (using either lwt or async?)
> 3. add an interesting example (could use the xen-api/ocaml/graph one?)
> 4. declare version 0.1 and add to opam
> 5. bask in the awesomeness of utop with tab-completion + xen-api
> What do you think?
> BTW this version of the bindings targets the xapi in the master branch,
> but for basic stuff there should be no problem talking to older releases.

All sounds good!


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