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[Xen-API] 2 questions XCP beta and ubuntu xapi

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  • Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2012 08:31:14 -0400
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Hello- all
My first question will sound stupid and will lead into the 2nd ...I have been using XCP beta for a bit now and really like its stability. .after finally making the decision to put xen on my nas box (non vt cpu's) i tried unbuntu of many flavors 12.4  and could not get xapi  and xen to work after many  many hours. I finally tossed up my hands and tossed the XCPbeta1.4.90 cd in and had that installed and talking to my xencenter pc in  about 10 mins !!!! big thumbs up..
I have 3-2tb disks in there i would like to use for storage but they have residual guid (i dd them all the way----still there) on them from iscsi and ntfs.....when i went to start parted it aint there...the QUESTION how and where do i get packages for this (these) installs I am a debian guy so rpm is new to me but yum looks about the same as apt if i just knew where to go and how to cheat the version. It is a silly question but having looked for a couple hours i still havent found an answer to this very basic task at least for xcp.
the second question. i did 4-5 clean installs on that same machine with ubuntu following their guide and some of the old ones around and as soon as i installed xapi they would break. There are a few bugs there ...installer doesnt play nice with lvm if you change your mind and (one wasted install) and a few others i ran into.. basically as soon  i fixed one thing something else would pop up and they seemed to be mostly openvswitch even when i went regular bridge. i never did get a xen on ubuntu working with xapi (xen-ok mostly) i think the scripts are fobar a bit and dependancies need work and im not sure what ubuntu does with sysv it isnt standard or debian  . Is there anyone that has a working xen 4-1 on ubuntu 12.4 on a older machine, this one has dual Xeon Naconas 3ghz hyperthreaded (4 cores total-non vt) ...and if so how did you do it? I really wanted this for a media server and ubuntu would have been a nice way to go as a one shot with plenty left over for a couple more vm's, I may try again and try to bug report it.. it looks so simple on the install pages... I will say this they have a cloud demo on a thumb that was flawless..up untill i tried to install xapi and couldnt update grub on the thumb.  
thank you to anyone that takes the time.
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