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[Xen-API] Minimal OpenStack for XCP

Hello everyone,

I'm interested in deploying OpenStack Folsom for XCP, but seems like
it's not so easy.
Distribution's OpenStack packages has huge dependencies because they
try to duplicate functionality already included in XCP. It also make
configuration tricky.

- really minimal services set
- rely on XCP builtin features (networking, shared storage, migrations
etc.), don't duplicate them in DomU.

In general, I expect OpenStack-based XenCenter replacement that will
only use XAPI and won't provide own services (or a minumal really
required set).

Any advice would be very helpful.

Andrew Lukoshko, M.Sc.

Head of Cloud R&D
ROSA Laboratory

Presnensky Val str. 14,
Moscow, 123557 Russia

Mobile: +375 (44) 779-63-73
Mobile (Russia): +7 (916) 4629480
Skype: a.lukoshko

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