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Re: [Xen-API] support cycle for xcp

On 09/10/12 14:16, George Shuklin wrote:
> 09.10.2012 16:13, Mike McClurg ÐÐÑÐÑ:
>> Note that I am not saying that Citrix will provide commercial support 
>> for XCP. Mike
> And I'd like to say you loosing serious money here.


> We're not using XenServer because it closed source (no way to normally 
> adopt it to our environment). We using XCP for business and we've done 
> may modification to dom0 and surrounding. And we have some troubles with 
> XCP and gladly sign contract for support  it.
> And this is separate market for Citrix: XenServer for enterprise users 
> which wants virtualization solution 'out of box' and XCP is framework 
> for ISP to tune it for public clouds... If it will become commercial 
> product with open source it will make VMWare shiver a bit more.

We're on the same page. I'll make sure to forward your email to my
product management.


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