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Re: [Xen-API] How to built XCP from source-1.iso ?

I believe that the issues stated below can be overcome and there has been progress on some. I guess a good opportunity to get this started would be one of the Xen Docs Days. I am not sure whether next Monday would be good though, as quite a few people will be at UDS


On 21/10/2012 21:28, George Shuklin wrote:
Last time i've dig in it, there was some set of minor files (like anaconda replacement to rhel4 installer in eliloader), which was lacking of source code too.

The main problems with openness now (except open government we do not discuss right now):

* Lack of 'rebuild-world' instructions or script
* No any information on internals:
  ** Expectations of components (who must provide what?)
** No any information about xapi database modification, scheme bumping and so on. ** No clearly visible roadmap (not customer features, but internals, like 'splitting xapi to xapi and networkd') to understand what can be messed with and what not. * Very picky upgrade - XCP is 'platform', not solution and modification to internals is obvious for real product environment, installer expect it to be completely untouched.

Second level problem:
* dom0fs.tar.bz2 instead of set of packages. I still sometime wonder 'can I replace package X to Y?' - and I simply can't get right answer because of 'blob installation'.

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