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Re: [Xen-API] how to shutdown hosts in pool

Hi clayton,

sorry for resposing so late. I try to shutdown host by command 'sudo
shutdown -h now' in host's console, when i restart the hosts, the host
is enable. Why is that? Is this a bug

I think that a better way to shutdown a host is to use the xe commands:
xe host-disable uuid=xxxxx
xe host-shutdown uuid=xxxx

this way you let the cluster to now that your host is going to disapear.

However during startup, I think that the default behavior is to have the host enabled.



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Subject: Re: [Xen-API] how to shutdown hosts in pool
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AFAIK during startup xapi disable host until all preparation is done.
One of them is 'pbd-plug' for every SR assosiated with host (normally
all shared SR).
Check pbd status for all pbd (xe pbd-list host-uuid=....). If some of
them do not attach for long time - problem with SR, storage, network,
config and so on. If all connected - your issue is different (check
15.10.2012 17:32, claytonly ?????:
 > Hello, all:
 > I set up a pool consist of 4 hosts. I want to shutdown 3 slaves in
 > pool by right-click shutdown menu on xencenter. After restart the
 > slaves. enable state of slaves is false. I have to enable the hosts.
 > Did I conduct a wrong operation? How to shutdown hosts in pool?
 > I setup xcp-xapi on ubuntu 12.04. Thank you all!
 > clayton
 > 2012-10-15
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