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Re: [Xen-API] [XCP 1.6 BETA] Joining a XCP 1.1 pool with a XCP 1.6 host

On 26.10.2012 16:47, John Else wrote:
Hi Sébastien,

It's not possible to join XCP hosts of different versions into a pool - the 
only time XCP hosts of different versions should be in a pool together is 
during a rolling pool upgrade.

As for the reason you're seeing PLATFORM_VERSION = Unknown ...

PLATFORM_VERSION isn't actually defined in XCP 1.1 - it's a new field, added in XCP 1.5 I 
believe. The intention is that PLATFORM_VERSION is shared between the equivalent versions 
of XCP and XenServer (and is used for checks during pool join, rolling pool upgrade 
etc.). Older versions of XCP will have PRODUCT_VERSION defined (e.g XCP 1.1 has 
PRODUCT_VERSION = 1.1) but from XCP 1.6 onwards PRODUCT_VERSION is not defined - it's now 
treated as a "cosmetic" field which is only defined in commercial XenServer.

This is all part of Project Swizzle which has been mentioned on this list now 
and then - the intention being that our build system will produce XCP and 
XenServer ISOs simultaneously, rather than the current situation where 
XenServer needs quite a bit of hacking before it can be turned into XCP.


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Hi John,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Okay I thouhgt it is due to something like this for the PLATFORM_VERSION thingy.

So if I want to join an 1.6 host in the pool I have first to roll pool upgrade the other xcp 1.1 nodes first. I was willing to join the pool with a new node because it's a production environnement and all the current hosts are full, so it's not possible to evacuate the vm to other hosts to do the rolling upgrade.

So I think i'll have to install and join a new empty xcp 1.1 to the pool to perform the pool upgrade. I wished it was possible to install directly the 1.6 so that's a host that would not need to be upgraded afterwards.

Thanks for the info :)


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