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[Xen-API] XCP 1.6 Storage XenMotion - need to delete temporary VDI files

First of all, I want to say I much I love the Storage XenMotion feature in XCP 1.6. I moved the storage for several VMs from one storage repository to another. Overall, things went really well. One of the VMs is having a problem, though.

The storage migration failed for that VM on the first try because there was not enough memory available on the host node. After I made more memory available on that host node, I was able to successfully storage migrate that VM as well. The only problem is that the VM still has temp VDI assigned to it from the initial failed storage migration.

What is the right way to clean up those temp VDI? Should I use vdi-forget or vdi-destroy? How can I make sure the VM does not need the temp VDI that are still assigned to it?

I found the following text in the release notes for XCP 1.6 and XS 6.1:
When migrating VMs using Storage XenMotion, attempts to cancel the operation may not delete the temporary virtual disks. [CA-87710] [CA-87689]

I could not find the CA-87710 or CA-87689 documents. If those docs have the steps for manually cleaning up the temporary virtual disks, please post the links to those documents. Thank you.

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