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[Xen-API] NFS Tuning - How To

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Okay, so I have two Dell PowerEdge server and we are using with a NAS solution called TrueNAS by IX Systems.  This is basically a ZFS version 28 implementation for the NAS solution.


Anyway, when we mount our NFS storage repositories over our 10GB interfaces on the Dell PowerEdge server and the NAS also has 10GB, we get horrible NFS performance.  If I mount a CIFS repository, we get blazing fast performance.


So my question is how would I go about tuning the different NFS options to do various tests.  A quick scan on Google produced nothing on how to do this.  My thoughts are to either pass NFS options in Xen Center under the
Advanced Options input box or edit the nfs.py file.  I tried using the Advanced Options but I do not think that worked.


I am currently running XCP 1.5 but plan on migrating to 1.6 in the next few months.  I would really like to tune the NFS first on 1.5 so that I can compare performance to 1.6. 


Any pointers to try to improve NFS performance?


I am getting about a 6MB/s write and 20MB/s read on the NFS storage repository when doing iozone tests inside a VM.  With a 10GB interface I should be in the 100’s.  If I do iozone test on the TrueNAS directly, I get about 600MB/s on average.  When doing iozone testing on VM running Windows using CIFS from the same storage solution, we are getting close to 180 MB/s so I know the issue is not the storage repository, so I am guessing it has to do with NFS tuning.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.





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