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[Xen-API] XCP 1.6, and git branch tree

Good day.

I still do not understand current situation with XCP updates and git tree. I understand there is a lots of stuff happens between code and rpm, and it consume lot of time of many guys.

But few questions about current XCP code and fixes...

1) which branch contains current state of xapi for XCP 1.6? remotes/origin/tampa-lcm from github?
2) Is tampa-lcm branch HEAD the current stable for XenServer?
3) Can it safely be compiled and installed to product environment?

I especially concern about 3rd, because I don't want to suddenly get batch of XenServers instead current product XCP pool.

I don't ask about 'when you gonna compile them to RPMs for me', but there is a mist around git branches, XCP and XenServer relationship. We finally got human resources to dig inside xapi (and plans to publish our improvements/features), but we need to know, what exactly to patch.


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