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[Xen-API] vm import error

I tried to import a previously saved VM
with the command
"#xe vm-import filename = / var/run/sr-mount/c0da11ed-72d8-1a58-aa94-127035fa28d7/infr-samba-2013-01-02_01-04-01.xva sr-uuid = c0da11ed-72d8-1a58-aa94-127035fa28d7 force=true"

c0da11ed-72d8-1a58-aa94-127035a28d7 - ext3 local sr

the size of imported file 123G

but failed with message "Fatal error: exception Unix.Unix_error(13, "tcsetattr", "")"
and hung task
uuid ( RO)                : be568259-c9cd-be13-7da5-8ed2a222e898
          name-label ( RO): VM import
    name-description ( RO):
              status ( RO): pending
            progress ( RO): 0.720

is there any chance to recover VM?

//wbr Anatoliy Poloz

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