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Re: [Xen-API] vm import error

Hi Anatoliy,

I tried to import a previously saved VM
with the command
"#xe vm-import filename = /
sr-uuid = c0da11ed-72d8-1a58-aa94-127035fa28d7 force=true"

from your command line, it seems like you are storing your xva exports on the same directory where the ext3 SR is configured.

You should put your xva on another storage that is not a SR.

c0da11ed-72d8-1a58-aa94-127035a28d7 - ext3 local sr

the size of imported file 123G

but failed with message "Fatal error: exception Unix.Unix_error(13,
"tcsetattr", "")"
and hung task
uuid ( RO)                : be568259-c9cd-be13-7da5-8ed2a222e898
           name-label ( RO): VM import
     name-description ( RO):
               status ( RO): pending
             progress ( RO): 0.720

is there any chance to recover VM?

You should clean up your SR by removing everything that does not belong to XCP, then run a sr-scan, and try to import your xva again.

In case you have some doubt on the state of your xva exported vm, there is a tool somewhere to check if the xva is corrupted or not, something called xva_verify.exe, there is probably a equivalent binary for linux.



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