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Re: [Xen-API] Anyway to migrate my VM from Xen xl to XCP?

Hi Lingfeng,

I am running a Ubuntu Server with Xen 4.1 installed. All VMs are running
on that server with one or more virtual disks stored in qcow2 format.
These VMs are managed by 'xl' toolstack. One VM is Windows in HVM modes
and others are PV VMs. The qcow2 file just contains the root filesystem
and has no partition structures.

Now I installed a new server with XCP 1.6.  I have to migrate all VMs
from old server to XCP with all data.

Is there anyway to do this?

I usually go with rsync if the linux VM is not too exotic or too old (otherwise just go with James path).

You just prepare a linux VM on XCP with the same version/arch as the one you have on your old server. Then you just use rsync on the new VM to do the transfert, something like :

rsync --numeric-ids --delete-after --exclude "/proc/**" --exclude "/sys/**" --exclude "/dev/**" --exclude "/etc/inittab" --exclude "/etc/fstab" --exclude "/boot/**" --exclude "/lib/modules/** " -aPz root@old-ip:/ /

Then you may have to clean up your old mac in the udev rules if necessary.

This method has the advantage of being able to run the rsync multiple times, and the final switch on the new server and the corresponding downtime can be minimized. Note : you'll have to turn off the running services before last rsync.



Thanks in advanced!

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