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[Xen-API] Proposal: naming conventions for XCP, XAPI, etc. related documents on wiki.xen.org


as part of the docs day, we got feedback that the titles of XCP related documents are extremely confusing to users. I particular, users cannot find some XCP related documents in indexes and categories.

My suggestion would be to go through a document renaming exercise. But before we do this, I want to get feedback. Here is my proposal: 1) User facing documents referring to the ISO start with "XCP", e.g. "XCP Overview"
2) Documents specific to "XCP-XAPI" packages start with "XCP-XAPI"
3) Design or developer documents start with the component, e.g. "XAPI", "XENOPSD", etc. whereas say a glossary item for XENOPSD, XAPI, etc. would be "XCP XENOPSD", "XCP XAPI", etc.

Please let me know your views. Probably not something we want to fix this document day, but maybe for the next one.


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