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[Xen-API] Two Quick Questions XCP 1.6

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  • Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2013 14:51:50 -0500
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Since beta (on 1.6 now) I have been having problems with my servers not rebooting or shutting down from Xencenter or the command line they just go to halt. I have posted in a couple places but haven't heard an answer. Is this by design or is there a bug in the scripts? And I guess to keep on that topic how do I fix it? A bit broad for an email i know. I am just having a hard time pinning down whats going on in the reboot and shutdown commands/scripts and i really have no idea what Xencenter sends.
I have noticed that there are a couple of hot fixes from Redhat for a couple of  issues with their product that I seem to be experiencing. My debian Vm's don't report the tools as installed anymore and I can't cut and paste from the console both problems are mentioned in the hot fixes  XS61E009.xsupdate this is one of the two. Do I have to sed the version file like we did in beta to have the VM's report that tools are installed? Or is it possible to install these patches ( I tried to install says invalid )? Or Have the tools changed and I'm just not finding them?
Sorry more then 2 questions. Have Good day all
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