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Re: [Xen-API] XAPI Viewer (console) view tool

On 15/02/13 06:05, mxdog wrote:
Hello all
This is probably a silly question but since I've upgraded  to XCP-1.6 or
since last time i looked. If i point my browser at one of my servers i
don't get the XAPI view tool anymore just "Citrix Systems, Inc. XCP
1.6.10" and no logon dialog. Was this taken out or do i have to do
something to enable it or point to a particular page/port? I never had
to set this up..it just worked.

It was removed. We're working on a better version of the tool that will live outside of XCP. The current work in progress can be found here:


This works entirely in the browser, so you can just copy this to your filesystem and point a recent Chrome or Firefox at it. This is pre-alpha development stuff, so don't expect it to work perfectly. Bug reports will probably be ignored, but code submissions probably won't be ;)


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