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Re: [Xen-API] Status of "xsconsole" on XCP-XAPI?

On 16/02/13 12:23, Gizmo Chicken wrote:
I installed XCP-XAPI under Ubuntu 12.10 for experimentation a few months
ago, but deleted the installation soon thereafter.If I remember
correctly, "xsconsole" wasn’t available either on the server or through
SSH (or at least I couldn’t get it to work).

So what’s the current status of"xsconsole" on XCP-XAPI?Is it available
yet?If not, are there plans to make "xsconsole" available on XCP-XAPI
anytime in the near future?



I'd like to, but it's pretty low-priority compared to other work, such as getting the latest xapi packaged, getting shared lvm-based SRs working, etc. You may have luck taking the source RPM from the XCP sources ISO and trying to build this yourself.


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