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Re: [Xen-API] how to compile XCP source?

On 06/03/13 17:19, George Shuklin wrote:
05.03.2013 20:32, Mike McClurg ÐÐÑÐÑ:

Here minimal list of packages from binpkg.iso and source-1.iso to
satisfy ./prep.sh
(list 1)
I've uploaded these files to downloads.xen.org. I've also updated the
rpm list in prep.sh.

My miss, I forgot to add kernel-xen package.
yum says:
error: Failed dependencies:
     kernel-xen = is needed by
so that package should be installed by prep.sh too:


I've uploaded this RPM, and updated prep.sh.

(list 2)
  mkdir /javascript/
  mkdir /javascript/jquery
  mkdir /javascript/jquery/treeview

jquery-  -> /javascript/jquery/jquery-
jquery.treeview.zip  -> /javascript/jquery/treeview/jquery.treeview.zip

What requires us to copy these files to a new location? If possible
I'd rather fix this requirement than do 'mkdir -p

I just satisfy 'make srpm' requirements. Makefile asking
$(CARBON_DISTFILES)/javascript/... , so it's possible to change source,
f.e. create local catalog and ask user to set export CARBON_DISTFILES to
that catalogue. JS files I think better to include in download list. May
be even from jquery site, but I think including them in downloads from
xen.org will reduce 'wtf' factor if jquery.com unavailable.

I've uploaded our sources to:


I have not yet updated prep.sh. I think that instead of installing these files to / , we should instead install them to some directory, say ./distfiles, and then export CARBON_DISTFILES=./distfiles. We could echo something to the screen that would say, "please add this line to your .bashrc..." or something like that. Or we could add it to bashrc ourselves.

Direct links:
(not sure is this is same version as on source-1.iso)

I have done so, except for the javascript changes. Please check out my
repo on github (I'm just in the process of checking that I can
download all the necessary rpms from xen.org, but it's taking a while
and I don't feel like waiting for it to finish before sending this

Also, please feel free to send me a pull request with any changes
you'd like to add (in fact, I really encourage this!).


Thank you!

I found two issues now:
1) Something strange with EPEL installation with rpm + direct http link
2) Incorrect handling of errors in the middle of download process.

I'll fix them and will send pull request (but
kernel-xen- is needed on
download.xen.org and in prep.sh file...)

Thanks. I've uploaded that file. Pull from my repo before you update prep.sh. If you could work something out for the downloading jquery and exporting the right environment variables, that would be great too. Thanks a lot.


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