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[Xen-API] HVM networking tap/vif bug (Debian bug 702428)


I've been testing the Debian packages ahead of the Debian 7 release
(which is very imminent)

I believe this is a serious bug[1] in the package, as it appears that
HVM networking is broken, or at the very least, requires some
undocumented configuration step


- I can start the HVM domU without any vif

- if I attach a vif, the domU will not start

Looking at /var/log/daemon.log, I notice:

xcp-fe: qemu-dm-10[9169]: can't add tap10.0 to bridge xapi1: Operation
not supported

while the output from dmesg suggests that the interface vif10.0 was
created.  It appears there is confusion between the vifX.Y and tapX.Y
naming schemes.

Can anybody comment on this?  Is this hardcoded into some config that I
should inspect?  Is it hard coded in the qemu-dm scripts?  It would be
very desirable to fix this before the wheezy release so that people
don't have a bad impression of XCP with HVM.



1. http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=702428

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