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[Xen-API] XCP 1.6 routing a (failover) ip over the host system

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  • From: Sebastian Kuhn <sebakuhn@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2013 14:08:14 +0100
  • Delivery-date: Mon, 18 Mar 2013 15:01:33 +0000
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Hello everyone, 

I'm pretty new to Xen/XCP and I have a problem which I wasn't able to solve yet. Maybe you can help me.

- I have to machines at Hetzner. 
- I booked a failover ip from hetzner which can dynamically be re-routed to one of the hosts.
- This IP can only be routed to one of the main IPs, so a router VM can not be used.

I have tried different configurations so far and none of them seem to be working.

I tried attaching the IP to xenbr0 and then configzured it in the VM, using the host as the gateway. It currently looks as if the VM itself has internet access, since its has an additional ip (with own MAC) too.

The config on the guest is:

# Failover-IP
iface eth0 inet static
        address xx.4.4.170                              # FailoverIP
        netmask                    # Netmask of the hosts main IP
        gateway xx.4.10.214                           # IP of the host
        broadcast xx.4.10.255                         # BC adddress for hosts main IP
        pointopoint xx.4.10.214                       

iface eth0:1 inet static
        address xx.4.10.242                             # additional IP
        netmask                    #
        broadcast xx.4.10.255                          # 
        gateway xx.4.10.214                           # IP of the host

When I ping  xx.4.10.242, using "tcpdump -Kn | grep ICMP" I can see the ping request and repsonse from the VM.

When I ping xx.4.4.170, I can only see the request on the host.

What exactly do I have to do to route this IP to a guest, which then uses the host as its gateway.

Any Ideas?


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