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Re: [Xen-API] XCP roadmap

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  • From: David Scott <dave.scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 10 May 2013 11:15:02 +0100
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On 10/05/13 04:27, srinivas jonn wrote:

when is the next XCP release planned?

  a Service pack or hot-fix release to XCP 1.6 based on Citrix XS 6.1 patches 
is planned in near future ?

There have been lots of recent bug fixes and performance improvements -- it might be a good time to make a release. What do you think, Mike?

By coincidence, Mike, Jon Ludlam and I were talking yesterday about ways of making the XCP and XS binary bits more compatible, by converging version numbers and RPM binaries. This would potentially allow us to share hotfixes, which would be very convenient.

Citrix  XenServer development seems to have slowed down after 6.1 release, there is no 
information of "project windsor" yet.

From my point of view there has been lots of recent OSS/XCP development but it probably hasn't been very visible -- we need to fix this. For example I know there have been lots of performance improvements going into qemu which really help scalability in cloud scenarios but the hg patch queue isn't (yet) available online. Mike and I are looking at ways of getting more of our "master" or "trunk" branches online, so people can follow development (and contribute!) I'm also encouraging people to publish the performance trend data online, as it's pretty awesome.

On the toolstack side development is more visible (if you are familiar with github). I think it breaks down into three aspects:

  1. in the master branch of xen-api there has been a lot of bugfixing.
     I think there's even a stabilisation branch called "clearwater":


     -- presumably we'll want to make a release of the xapi component
        pretty soon

  2. a general "disaggregation" of the toolstack into multiple
     components. This is needed if we want to move some components
     into other domains (as part of "project windsor")

  3. some recent experiments to see how we could integrate some newer
     components such as upstream qemu, libxl, libvirt and ceph.
     FWIW I've got an experimental set of patches which allow you
     to run a VM on ceph storage on XCP -- it's still being developed
     but it's probably worth writing up a how-to on the wiki.

official road map :

XCP 2.0
Status: Planning/Design
Last updated: 2nd August 2012
Next status update due: End of September

Features likely to be included:
     * Xen 4.2, Linux 3.x, CentOS 6.x
     * First steps towards Dom0 disaggregation

I think these are still good for a XCP 2.0. FWIW in our XCP "trunk" branch we have xen-4.2 working well and we're hoping to integrate linux 3.x soon. We're working with the CentOS team to polish and bugfix the xen, kernel RPMs there; we'll hopefully be able to use them as-is in XCP.

Re: dom0 disaggregation: it's technically possible to make a driver domain work on XCP 1.6 but it's a complicated procedure. We still need to do a bunch of work to make it easy to use. Once the toolstack disaggregation is completed we can focus more on this.


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