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Re: [Xen-API] Tools

Hi, Denis.

Just want to confirm that TrueImage boot ISO image from Acronis backup site very nice tool forÂofflineÂP2V both Windows and Linux servers.

2013/5/16 Denis Cardon <denis.cardon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Marc,

We need to know if exists any tool, doesn't mind if it's free or not,
which can be used to convert phisical servers to virtual ones compatible
on Xen plataform.

We're working with heterogenous operative systems (Windows - Linux) on
our DataCenter, and it's absolutely necessary for us to find out and
answer for this question.

for Windows VMs, you can use XenConvert from Citrix, albeit it does not always work properly. If it does not work, you can still use mergeide script (https://www.virtualbox.org/attachment/wiki/Migrate_Windows/MergeIDE.zip) and your cloning tool of choice (ghost, clonezilla, partimage, ntfsclone, etc.). For old and non clean servers, I have a client that has used Acronis successfully, but this is non free.

For Linux machines, a simple rsync on a existing linux vm will do it just fine. You have to be carefull about kernel, grub, inittab and fstab. Just look around on the web you should find what you need. We've done it hundreds of time and it is the simplest and fastest way to do it.



Thank you in advance.

Marc Poll

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