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Re: [Xen-API] install hp-agents-xs on XCP 1.6 final

This is because the HP pack is meant for XenServer and not XCP so depends on the XS pack (“xs:main”) which isn’t in XCP (which has “xcp:main”). You _might_ be able to make this work by faking out the presence of the XS pack:


# mkdir /etc/xensource/installed-repos/xs:main

# cat > /etc/xensource/installed-repos/xs:main/XS-REPOSITORY << EOF

<repository build="59235c" name="main" originator="xs" product="XenServer" version="6.1.0">

  <description>XenServer Pack</description>



# xe-toolstack-restart


You should then see the xs:main pack listed in the output of “xe host-param-get uuid=<host uuid> param-name=software-version”


Then re-try the install.





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hallo all


i have xcp 1.6 on hp proliant g7 and i want to install hp-agents-xs but an error comes 

"FATAL: missing dependency xs:main"


anyone help please


beast regards

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