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Re: [Xen-API] XCP 1.6 can't attach existing disk to VM

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Hi all,

I've been running several VMs with XCP 1.6 for several months now without issue and managing things With XenCenter (6.1) 

However, a few day ago I needed to make a clone of a (linux) VM to do some testing.

Here is what I tried:

1) shutdown the VM

2) from XenCenter, right-click the VM click copy

3) Selected full copy

4) hit copy button.


At this point the copy started but quickly aborted.  I've since lost the exact text of the error message but it was something related to storage.


So being a naive XCP user I figured I'd detach the storage from the VM, copy/clone the vm and storage then re-attach the original virtual disk to the original vm and likewise with the clone.


However, all did not work out as planned.   The original virtual disk is now attached the the "Control domain", according to XenCenter.  And I cannot seem to do anything with it, most notably re-attach to the the correct vm.  Basically seems to be stuck in limbo as far as I can tell.


I am using

XCP release 1.6.10-61809c

and XenCenter 6.1



Is there still an active copy process happening on the host that the disk is connected to? You can try unplugging the vbd that is tying that disk to dom0. xe vbd-list should give you a list of vbds.

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