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Re: [Xen-API] Fail to migrate vm with snapshot twice


To be honesty - best way for production environment is to use old enough software version. It's pretty obvious but new software version are not only newest features but also newest bugs,Â

And it's may looks not patriotic but every new version of xenserver contains a lot of very pity bugs.Â

Just surf around Citrix forum few weeks after new release. After some usage of new releases previous version dubbed as "really world best and rock solid"

Sorry, nothing personal.

Just 4 yearsâ experience since Xenserver 5.5

2013/5/31 Sergio Visinoni <piffio@xxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Bob,

On 31 May 2013 05:53, Bob Ball <bob.ball@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


This is a bug that weâre aiming to fix for the next version of XenServer.

Speaking of this, do we have any ETA for the next version?
The same goes for the next XCP version: is there a current roadmap or plan for its release?

We're soon (< 1 month timeframe) going to start building a Xen cluster in our company and I'd like to know whether it's
worth waiting a little bit and wait for the newer version or not.

Thanks for your work guys

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Sergey Kruchatov
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