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Re: [Xen-API] duplicate vdi after crash

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  • From: George Shuklin <george.shuklin@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2013 04:28:54 +0400
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Seems really strange.

Are you sure they are duplicate VDIs, not an additional VBD from dom0 to VM's VDI? When VM starting, xapi creates temporal VBD between dom0 and VDI to read kernel and initrd. If you got you SR's attachment go wild, some of VMs cloud crash and restart - that creates second VBD, but if SR is half-dead, that link can jam and not go away.

Check if there is any VBD between dom0 and any VDI, manually destroy them. If SR is really jam, host reboot may be require.

05.06.2013 17:59, Joseph-Andre Guaragna ÐÐÑÐÑ:

I just kind of run into a problem of duplicate of our vdi file on our
pool master followinf the crash of the link between share storage and
server pool.

All the VM running on the pool master have their vdi duplicated one
with normal size and attache to the propre VM and another one name the
same no size and link to the "domain control host1".

I can not get rid of the second by xe vdi-destroy nor can the vm run
anymore complaining about a disk with that is 0MB.

I found a way to solve the problem by cloning the disk to a new name
so I can start the VMs again and destroy the original vdi.

The second remain and I cannot get rid of it.

Does anyone have a solution for that.

Best regards.


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