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Re: [Xen-API] Private network and gre tunnel problem

Dne 23.6.2013 11:31, Rob Hoes napsal(a):
> Hello Jan,
> A "private network" is a network without any PIFs on it, and is restricted to 
> a single host. You can create such a network by calling only 'xe 
> network-create', as you would have done. Xapi raises the exception you saw, 
> because it assumed that your two VMs are supposed to be on the same network, 
> but there is no physical network connection between the two hosts (no PIFs on 
> the network).
> You can fix this by using the 'xe tunnel-create' command on both hosts to 
> create a link between your private network and your PIFs. This tells xapi 
> that there is a tunnel connection between the two hosts. Xapi does not create 
> the actual GRE tunnel for you, so you still need to manually create actual 
> GRE tunnel ports on the OVS, but it looks like you already know how to do 
> that.

That resolved my problem, thank you!

Jan Škoda

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