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Re: [Xen-API] Xen Hackathon XAPI Process Discussion Notes (feel free to comment)

On 23/06/13 16:36, jacek burghardt wrote:
I had send separate email  about this but it was ignored .
I am attempting to install xen-api on arch linux create package when I
am attempting to compile xen-api-libs rpc-light I get this error
lib/type_conv p4_rpc.cmo p4_rpc.ml <http://p4_rpc.ml>
File "p4_rpc.ml <http://p4_rpc.ml>", line 544, characters 6-14:
Warning 26: unused variable arg_path.
ocamlfind ocamlc -I ../xml-light2 -I ../stdext -I ../uuid -annot -g -c
-package camlp4,type_conv -pp "camlp4orf" -I /usr/lib/ocaml/camlp4 -I
/root/.opam/system/lib/type_conv pa_rpc.cmo pa_rpc.ml <http://pa_rpc.ml>
File "pa_rpc.ml <http://pa_rpc.ml>", line 20, characters 72-75:
Error: This expression has type bool but an expression was expected of type
make: *** [pa_rpc.cmo] Error 2
Any way you guys could get rpc-light compile with latest ocalm tools.

Hi Jacek,

rpc-light does compile with the latest OCaml, version 4.00.1. How are you compiling this? Have you tried using opam? If not, try using this source tarball:


If you're working on porting xapi to Arch, you should look at what we've been doing for CentOS. Take a look at:


Particularly the sources.csv file, which will tell you which repositories/branches to use for compiling this stuff outside of XenServer. The SPECS directory has RPM build spec files, but you should look at those to see how things are being built. The SOURCES directory has some patches that might need to be applied to the sources as well. I think that this would be a good starting point for your work on Arch.

If you find you need to make any patches to xapi or other components to get them to build or run on Arch, make a pull request so we can discuss them.


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