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Re: [Xen-API] Announcing new version of "XCP"

On 27/06/13 05:56, Ben Pfaff wrote:
I am very pleased to hear this, and I thought that I would call
out one particular part:

Mike McClurg <mike.mcclurg@xxxxxxxxxx>

- Notable software that we are open sourcing is our windows PV
drivers, XenCenter, and HA. We will not be open sourcing the v6
license daemon (links to closed-source binary), our build system code
(we're moving away from our current build system, and we don't have
the resources to support external users) nor any of the closed source
third-party driver tools we ship with XenServer, for which we have no
control over.

Open-sourcing HA should make it much easier to make sure that
Open vSwitch works well with it.  We spent a lot of time in one
stage of OVS development trying to figure out exactly why and
when xha was deciding that the machine needed to be rebooted.
Actually knowing, instead of having to guess, will be great.



Glad you're interested, Ben! I should be able to get this code up on github by next week, btw.


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