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Re: [Xen-API] GPU passthrough: multiple vGPUs on the same VM

Hi Andrea,


You are right: the feature is currently restricted to a single GPU per VM. You could try manually passing through the PCI devices of multiple GPUs using âother-config:pciâ.


I donât think there are any plans to change this at the moment. Could you explain why passing through multiple GPUs to a single VM would be useful for you?




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Subject: [Xen-API] GPU passthrough: multiple vGPUs on the same VM



 it looks like it is currently not possible to attach multiple vGPUs to the same VM. I tried with XenServer 6.2 and suspect the same happens with XCP 1.6.


I'm successfully using an NVIDIA card in GPU passthrough from a VM but when I try to attach a second vGPU I get the following error:


[root@xenserver ~]# xe vgpu-create vm-uuid=... gpu-group-uuid=...

A device with the name given already exists on the selected VM

device: 0


Trying to specify a different device did not help:


[root@xenserver ~]# xe vgpu-create vm-uuid=... gpu-group-uuid=... device=1

The device name is invalid

device: 1


I think the support for multiple vGPUs on a single VM is not implemented at the moment, I'd like to understand the following:

1) is it possible to workaround this limitation?

2) are there any plans to introduce this support in the future?


Thanks in advance,


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