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[Xen-API] Segmentation Fault with xe --nossl


I get a Segmentation fault with the 'xe' command (RPM xapi-xe-0.2-5669.i686 and earlier versions) if I use the '--nossl' parameter on a CentOS 6.4 (64bit) server. Without the '--nossl' parameter 'xe' works fine. We are using LDAP with 'sssd' for authentication and if we fall back to 'nscd' the Segmentation fault doesn't occur. That would be our workaround for now.

[root@lizard2 bin]# xe vm-list -s xenbase01 -pwf pwfile.xenbase01 --nossl
Segmentation fault
[root@lizard2 bin]# xe vm-list -s xenbase01 -pwf pwfile.xenbase01
uuid ( RO)           : 1764cfe1-27f4-42e3-bc74-c47db9c533ac
     name-label ( RW): Control domain on host: xenbase01
    power-state ( RO): running

We want to replace our current administration server (RHEL 5.9/LDAP/nscd) with a newer one (CentOS 6.4/LDAP/sssd). Our XEN pools are running with XenServer 6.2 (just updated).

Had anybody else a similar problem with 'xe' ?

Best Regards,
Carsten Beyer


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