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[Xen-API] Issue starting PV VM

If this is the wrong list I'm extremely sorry --

I have a series of VMs that will not start after XCP ran out of memory and shutdown xapi (and I'm assuming it damaged the database of metadata). After a restart, I was able to restore a few VMs via SSH by reverting the vm's to snapshots. I have one VM that keeps on saying 'OSError: [Errno 2] No Such File or Directory : '/dev/sm/backend/<sr-uuid>/<vdi-uuid>'

I'm pretty sure the VDI itself still exists, but it's definitely not in the /dev/sm/backend path... It's almost like the VDI needs to be 're-added' somewhere but I can't seem to find the correct xe command to do that without removing and re-adding the VDI -- which seems like a huge can of worms.

The other problem is this server is racked at a co-lo I cannot access 24/7
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