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[Xen-API] Changes to xapi project repositories

Hi all,

We're doing a bit of an overhaul of the ocaml repositories used for building XenServer.

For a long time, we've had two main repositories - xen-api.git and xen-api-libs.git. The split between these two was always a source of confusion, with many libraries in xen-api.git, and many changes to one requiring immediate changes to the other. It has also led to problems when trying to make packages for distributions like Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS Linux. So we're making small steps towards splitting up these repositories into smaller, better characterised repositories.

The first batch of changes will be going through this week, and is focusing on the xen-api-libs component. The result of this will be that xen-api-libs.git will be deprecated, and replaced by the following repositories:


The last two, stdext and xen-api-libs-transitional, are intended to only be used temporarily while we switch away to alternatives.

Additionally, we are also now using the following repositories:


whose functionality we were previously getting from the libraries in the xen.git repository. These repositories are intended to act as an 'upstream' staging area to the xen repository,

Much of this work was prototyped for the XenServer Tech Preview that was published recently - the announcement here represents the change of Citrix's internal build system to using these new repositories in our continuous integration (CI) system. There is intended to be no _functional_ change as a result of this work.

The next steps for this are to begin splitting up the xen-api.git repository used by the CI system. Again, a lot of the work has been started, and many new repositories can be seen on the xapi-project github page. The timeline for this work is intended to the next few weeks.


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