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Re: [Xen-API] Solution for downloading the created snapshot

Hi Shafi,

   I am working on a Xen backup solution . I need a solution to download
the snapshot created in  a remote Xen Host . We are using Curl  at the
moment to serve this purpose . Is there an API call which will serve the
purpose  ? Any info on this
wud be immensely heplful .

we are using python http call with some xapi call to make our vm exports for backup. We have published the source of our inhouse backup scripts tisbackup. You can browse the source on github https://github.com/tranquilit/TISbackup/blob/master/libtisbackup/backup_xva.py).

We also sometime alse use xe command in scripts to copy the snapshot to our backup server. In order to use the xe binary, you just have to copy the /opt/xensource/bin folder to your backup server, install stunnel4 (for a debian wheezy) and then you can use the xe command the same way you do on the xen server.

Hope this helps,


Vembu Technologies.

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