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Re: [Xen-API] Help Hypervisor VM IP reconfig

Hi Agyeman,

Can you help me with the command to change ip address of a vm while on

In my case if access to xen center is disabled and a user changes the
ipaddress of a vm and no longer can ssh to the vm, I would like to be
able to reset the ip address, netmask, and gateway from the hypervisor.

The command below shows me network info but how to I change that network

xe vm-list params=name-label,networks

I think this command is read only and show you the ip address that has been reported by xentools to the hypervisor.

However I don't think there is a default mechanism in xapi to set the ip address of a virtual machine. In some VDI deployement solution, the software install a service inside the VDI machine to get the ip address from a deployement server.

However you don't need xencenter to get access to the vnc frame buffer of the virtual machine. You can get the vnc port using the following command line (change my_vm_name, and be sure to be on the server where the vm is running if the server is in a pool) :

xenstore-read /local/domain/$(xe vm-list params=dom-id name-label=my_vm_name --minimal)/console/vnc-port

Take the port number that is given by the above command line (for example 5908), and then, just do a ssh port forwarding :

ssh my_xen_server -L 5908:srvxen1:5908 -l root

then from the same machine, run

vncviewer  localhost:8

Another method for a linux VM : use xe-edit-bootloader -n my_vm_name, then from another shell, you can find the vm mounted on /var/run/fix-xxxxxx when you have fixed the network configuration, you get out of the mount point, then get out of the grub editing window, the xe-edit-bootloader script will umount the partition by itself.



*Thank you,*

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