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Re: [Xen-API] Strange Log Entries

Hi Amit,

I'm running XCP 1.1.0-50674c on a Dell PowerEdge 2950 server, and I'm seeing a 
lot of the following logs in /var/log/user.log file.

Jan  3 06:00:02 vmhost1 fe: 22523 (/etc/xapi.d/plugins/vmpr 
<methodCall><methodName>protect</methodName><params>...) exitted with code 0
Jan  3 06:02:44 vmhost1 fe: 22573 (/usr/bin/ovs-vsctl list-br) exitted with 
code 0

The first message is repeated every 15 minutes, and the second message is 
repeated every 90 minutes. On some research I found out that there is a cron 
job that executes /opt/xensource/sm/runvmpr every 15 minutes which is 
generating the first message.

The exit status of the two scripts (/opt/xensource/sm/runvmpr, and 
/usr/bin/ovs-vsctl list-br) when ran manually is 0. I wonder what these log 
entries mean, and why the exit status 0 is recorded in the log entries. Is it 
something concerning or should I just ignore the errors?

exit code 0 should mean "program executed successfully and exited". So I think you can ignore those messages. Perhaps there is somewhere a loglevel attribute in order to avoid those message.

By the way, you should upgrade to XCP 1.6 or better XS6.2, I remember that there was a snapshot coaslesing bug in XCP 1.1 that eat one of my VMs once.



Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Amit More
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