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Re: [Xen-API] xe vdi-resize and effects on snapshots

On 11/11/2014 17:49, Germano Percossi wrote:
Hi Mark,

You can grow a VDI without invalidating the snapshot chain.
If this is what you observed, that's reassuring.
If not, let us know.

That seemed to be the case, yes. The snapshots were also restoring the VDI size at the time of snapshot. I assume that's intended to make the snapshot contents match the disk size?

As long as you stick with the official CLI and not using "internal"
commands,it is fine.

I was using Citrix XenCenter as a management GUI, which seems to be pretty robust (although occasionally short on error messages).

Which SR type are you using?

At the time I was using a local LVM volume (type=ext). I have switched to NFS SRs since (to ease pool sharing, mostly).

My query was more that I wanted to know the expected case, not that I'd had an anomaly. Thanks for clearing that up!


Mark Benson

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