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[Xen-devel] Support for mii_xxx functions?

A quick question before I dive off into (finally) trying to get the 8139too
network driver ported to xen.

It appears that xen/include/linux/mii.h is present in the xen tree, but has
the following:

#if 0
extern int mii_link_ok (struct mii_if_info *mii);
extern int mii_nway_restart (struct mii_if_info *mii);
extern int mii_ethtool_gset(struct mii_if_info *mii, struct ethtool_cmd
extern int mii_ethtool_sset(struct mii_if_info *mii, struct ethtool_cmd
extern void mii_check_link (struct mii_if_info *mii);
extern unsigned int mii_check_media (struct mii_if_info *mii,
                                     unsigned int ok_to_print,
                                     unsigned int init_media);
extern int generic_mii_ioctl(struct mii_if_info *mii_if,
                             struct mii_ioctl_data *mii_data, int cmd,
                             unsigned int *duplex_changed);

Is there a specific reason that the drivers/net/mii.c was disabled and not

thanks in advance,

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