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Re: [Xen-devel] Support for mii_xxx functions?

> Uh, ok.  I'll readily admit that network drivers are not my thing, but all
> the routines which were commented out in mii.h do is call through the
> function pointers mdio_read and mdio_write which are implemented in each
> individual driver.  The seem like just common code to me, which several
> drivers use, such as the 8139too.c.  The only external routines called out
> of the mii.c code are:
> - netif_carrier_ok()
> - netif_carrier_on()
> - netif_carrier_off()

Yeah, none of the drivers we've ported so far rely on teh common mii
code. It should be easy to add in though.

 -- Keir

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