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Re: [Xen-devel] Installing on own filesystem

> I've setup a extra partition /dev/hda3 , 6 gig of size and setup my 
> xenctl.xml
> My /dev/hda3 is and empty ext2fs.

If you want domain2 to use /dev/hda3 as your root partition,
you'll need to populate with a root file system first! you could
copy the one you're using for domain0 root.

If you're intending on having multiple domains, you might want to
investigate virtual disks or using NFS root to a server in domain0.

Are you planning on having a separate (read-only) usr partition?
Your xenctl file is rather strange at the moment. Is there any
reason why you're using the initrd in this setup?

Also, you'll have to edit /etc/xen-mynewdom to grant physical
access to the right partitions rather than the CD.


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