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Re: [Xen-devel] Help

> I can't figure out how to install xen for the life of me.
> Here's as far as i have gotten.
> Obviously its not getting the linux kernel version or something.
> Looks like i am running 2.4.20-8amp SMP on redhat 9.0.
> I tried to things one other try gives me cannot handle file libc.so.6 with
> tls date unable to identify linux version.
> If somebody can walk me through i would be internally grateful.
> Or even login and help me .
> Thanks

The log you sent indicates that the 'bk clone' command failed.

>From looking on google it appears that Red Hat may have distributed a
glibc with a slightly incompatible interface. The problem is most
liekly that the version of bitkeeper you downloaded or have installed
is not compatible with your glibc. 

Does 'bk version' tell you anything? Also, the output from 
'ldd `which bk`' and 'ls -l /lib/libc*' might be useful.

 -- Keir

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