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[Xen-devel] Problem with dissapearing files on virtual domain...

Hello, i'm creating a virtual domain with a seperate partition.
When i start the domain, ssh into it:

bash-2.05b# ssh
root@xxxxxxxxxxx's password:
Last login: Fri Oct 31 17:43:12 2003 from
Linux 2.4.22-xeno.

that works,

then i create a directory :

root@xeno2:~# mkdir this_is_a_test_directory
root@xeno2:~# ls
loadlin16c.txt  loadlin16c.zip  this_is_a_test_directory/

then i do a sync:

root@xeno2:~# sync

and a ls again :

root@xeno2:~# ls
loadlin16c.txt  loadlin16c.zip

and my created dir is gone...

where do i look for an answer for this problem???

(which info do you need to help me out, and i'll post it)

thanks in advance,


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