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Re: [Xen-devel] Excellent work; some questions, observations

Ian Pratt wrote:

Once you've installed on your hard disk, you'll need to update
/etc/xen-mynewdom to grant physical access as appropriate
for your root partition (plus swap and anything else you want it
to be able to access).

e.g. to grant read/write access to /dev/sda2. (In xenctl scripts,
the domain number being operated on is implicit. If you're
running the commands on the command line use the -n option to
specify the domain)

 xenctl physical grant -psda2 -w
Is it safe to assume that granting write access to the same root partition that domain0 started from would be potentially dangerous, if not disasterous? In which case, a read-only root partition would be more appropriate instead. I have separate partitions for /home /var /usr /tmp /boot and /. I'd like to instantiate a unique but identical domain without replicating the entire system. /usr would easily mount read-only. The rest would probably need to be copied to a virtual device on a single / mount. Any guidance on this?


John Joganic

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