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Re: [Xen-devel] NetBSD port

> I haven't seen this, all I've had to go on is linux/arch/xeno, which
> is actually fairly adequate. If you could send me a copy of that or
> tell me where to look I would appreciate it. That would get me further
> faster than the NetBSD port.

Sorry, it wasn't checked in. 

There's are actually two versions that have evolved
independently, one used by the XenoXP guys, the other by Rolf,
who is playing around with custom guest OSes.

I've asked both teams to send me their latest versions of
MinimalOS, and I'll get them checked in and pushed to bkbits
later today.

[As well as the xeno-1.0.bk tree, I've just created a new
xeno-unstable.bk tree, which has got a few changes to Xen in
preparation for multiprocessor guest OSes. I'm not sure which
tree would be best for you to work from. There aren't going to be
any huge changes to the guestOS interface, so I don't suppose it
really matters.]


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