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[Xen-devel] Throughput limits in network transmit

The development tree now contains support for limiting the network
transmission rate of individual virtual network interfaces (vif's).

The default is no rate limiting.

To set rate limiting for a vif, use:
 xi_vif_params <domain id> <vif idx> <credit bytes> <credit usec>
This allows the VIF to transmit <credit-bytes> bytes every
<credit-usec> microseconds.

To see the current limit for a vif, use:
 xi_vif_params <domain id> <vif idx>
This will display the current rate-limit parameters, and estimate
likely network throughput in Mbps (units == 2^20 bits per second).

TODO: Integrate this with xenctl. Currently, x_vif_params must be run
independently, after initialising a domain with xenctl.

 Hope this is useful,

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