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Re: [Xen-devel] (no subject)

>   I was able to boot the Live CD, and play with xenctl command. Thanks for 
> your excellent work!

>   One current questions is that though I was able to create another second 
> domain when Live CD bootstrapped, but it seems the initrd is the same ramdisk 
> file used for domain0. The initrd image would detect the CDROM or NFSDIR for 
> potentional root file system to mount on. Since CDROM has been used by 
> domain0, it seems reasonable to find the output (when I start the new created 
> domain) showing 
> [8];Unable to find CD-ROM and NFSDIR not specified
> I have not tried NFSDIR for another domain. Any suggestions for running 
> second domain based on LiveCD?

You should be able to boot another domain from the CD, using the
initrd to create a ramdisk as the root file system (populated
from root.tar.gz), with the CDROM mounted as a read-only /usr.

> [8];Unable to find CD-ROM and NFSDIR not specified

The above message suggests that it was unable to mount the CDROM
for /usr. This is pretty odd, as if your domain0 image managed to
find the CD, its very strange that domain1 couldn't find it.

>From domain0, please can you send me the output of "df", "mount"
"ls -l /dev/cdrom_link".

Presumably you're using the default /etc/xenctl.xml and
/etc/xen-mynewdom script, and invoking xenctl with the following
vommand line?

 xenctl script -f/etc/xen-mynewdom


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