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[Xen-devel] More about Resource Scheduling and Accounting


    Sorry I have been busy with some academic issues since my last email but
should now focus on Xen with all my time.

    As stated before I would like to work on the Resource Scheduling and
Accounting part (in addition, try to relate a bit to the OS suspend/resume for
migration), which at the same time will be my honour year project. The
functions/requirements that Ian has mentioned before is still at a high level.
Hence I would like to know if there are some specific requirements (eg standard
of interface to other kernel functions and interface for domain0 etc) that you
would like to mention, especially by the Xen team. I welcome any
comments/suggestions by anyone in the Xen-devel maillist as well, be it
additional features, concepts or designs or anything else.

    A particular question I would like to know is how well the BVT algorithm is
functioning, and what is the weakness at the moment. In the SOSP 2003 paper,
3.3.1 CPU Scheduling mentioned other scheduling algorithms could be trivially
implemented over the generic abstraction and per-domain scheduling parameters
can be adjusted....in Domain0. First, could you tell me all files related to
the scheduling algorithm and the abstraction, this would greatly help me to
start. Second, is it true that per-domain parameters can be ajusted by Domain0?
How well is this performing? What are the things need to be improved?

    One more thing, I wonder if you can provide me some pointers to other
materials you think will be useful for the work such as research papers, texts,
how-to, source codes etc.

Many thanks,

Yan-Ching CHU



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